Sicilian products on offer

Almonds and nuts at special prices

Sicilian products on offer

Mandorle di Sicilia, based in Mazzarino in the province of Caltanissetta, allows you to stay up-to-date on all the Sicilian products on offer through the company's Facebook page. "Like" it to make sure you don't miss out on product offers and the latest news.

Bongiovanni donates almonds for the world's longest nougat

Salvatore Bongiovanni donated 1,350 kilos of almonds to help make record-breaking nougat. According to the the Guinness World Records certificate of honour, "the longest nougat measures 695 metres and was achieved at an event organised for the saint's day festival in honour of the Madonna del Mazzaro, in the city of Mazarin, by Don Carmelo Bilardo (Italy) with the help of around 200 Sicilian pastry chefs, associated with the AMPI, under the direction of master pastry chef Nicola Fiasconaro. The nougat was prepared and exhibited in Mazzarino, Sicily, Italy, on 23 September 2011." The record-breaking nougat was made in 16 hours (Source,

Read the interview with Salvatore Bongiovanni

Almonds are immune against the crisis, but coming together is very important. These are the words of Salvatore Bongiovanni from an interview with the newspaper La on 17 July 2012. He spoke of the commercial and economic value of almonds, with hopes for greater synergy between the producers of Mazzarino. Download the pdf and read the article.


Guinness World Records

The Guinness World Record for the world's longest nougat.

Apromas begins

The Sicilian almond finally has a single brand, with the aim of reviving the sector by means of the synergy between the island's producers. This has led to the creation of "A. Pro. Ma. S." (Association for the Almond Producers of Sicily), which includes Bongiovanni Srl. among its members. For further information, read the article published in "La Sicilia" on 4 December 2014.


Mandorle di Sicilia promotional events

Seminars and other initiatives

The company organises promotional events to publicly demonstrate the quality of nuts from Sicily, a land with a unique climate that imbues produce with an inimitable taste. The Mazarinno-based company offers all the flavour of the true Sicilian pistachio, as well as numerous products made from almonds, including almond sticks and many other typical Sicilian delicacies.

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