Almond and Sicilian product processing

Almond kernels, crushed almonds and almond flour

Almond production and processing

Mandorle di Sicilia, based in Mazzarino in the province of Caltanissetta, is an industry leader when it comes to quality and experience, and uses the best currently available equipment to process the almonds. At its factory, highly qualified technicians take care of the entire almond production process, which consists of the following stages: first there is the gauging of the almonds in the shell, then the shelling of almonds, followed by the separation and peeling resulting in various products, including almond flour, almond chunks, sliced ​​almonds, chopped almonds, almond paste and almonds sticks. The packaging comes in different sizes depending on the type of customer, and includes big bags containing 1000 kg, 25, 15, 10 and 5 kg bags or 10 kg boxes.

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